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Category Archives: Wedding Ceremony

Small Weddings, Grand Exits

Who said you can’t have a grand exit for a small wedding? Of course you can! The grand exit is one of my favourite aspects of a wedding and you can have your grand exit whether there is 200+ guests or 10 with family and close friends. Various options can be explored for your grand exit however I suggest whatever you decide, it should be a reflection of you! Your style, your wedding theme; or even something related to your profession. For e.g. if you are a pilot….craft a few DIY paper planes and throw it in the air as you make you’re your way out. There are two key things that you should to note when deciding/planning your send offs – Timing and Photography.

What’s the point of the grand send-off if it’s not captured?! Book the photographer for sufficient time to capture the moment as these make great wedding blow up photos and great laughs. In relation to timing, you can select a song to be played as your last song and have everyone join in. The DJ can make an announcement to invite everyone to get up and dance this last dance with you. At this point be prepared for hugs and kisses. Then your guests can make the human tunnel as you glide away.

Who said you can’t come back to the bar after you’ve had some quiet time and have blessed the marriage if the party is till going on in the reception hall?! Some suggested ideas for the exit toss are: sky lanterns; wedding sparklers; confetti; ribbons; sprinklers.


How to Choose a Wedding Party

First off, take note that wedding party should be chosen after the venue plans are finalized. Even if you’re sure you can’t get married without your best friend from since kindergarten or your favourite sister or all your college roommates standing up for you, you really can’t make good wedding decisions unless you’ve finalized your wedding venue. I know…I know!…you’re wondering why is this so?!…Hear this…you can always add to your bridal party but it it’s horribly awkward-and possibly permanently damaging to a friendship-to have to withdraw an invitation.

After you’ve considered which friend and/or relative to include, you then imagine looking around as the ceremony begins. You then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Will you feel supported by them?
  2. Are you grateful to have them in your life?
  3. Are they grateful to have you in theirs?
  4. Are they really going to be happy for me?

These are the people you really want as part of your wedding party.

Also take into consideration the following:

  1. The larger the wedding party, the higher the cost
  2. A larger party can make it harder to arrive at a consensus on anything, from bridesmaid dresses to hairstyles to the style of shoes.

Tell us: How many people are in your bridal party? How did you decide who to include?