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Category Archives: Planning

10 Tips to Cut Your Wedding Bill

  1. Trim the guest list. Your per head count is your biggest expense
  2. Choose a gorgeous setting, you’ll save on decorations
  3. Opt for a reception site that already offers chairs, tables, flatware etc. Items such as tents and other rentals add up to a substantial expense
  4. Start the wedding earlier in the day. Breakfast, Lunch, afternoon tea or heavy hors d’oeuvres cost less than dinner and earlier in the day people tend to drink less which will lower your alcohol cost
  5. Limit the alcohol offerings to wine, beer and a signature cocktail. You can also consider Sangria or a punch as a festive but cost-effective alternative to mixed drinks
  6. Have the wedding on a Sunday or maybe a day in the week. Vendors tend to lower their fees for days that are less in demand
  7. Eliminate the champagne toast. Most of the bubbly will be thrown out anyway. Have your guests toast with whatever they’re drinking.
  8. Instead of a live band, hire a DJ or simply use an IPod or maybe even a mobile phone.
  9. Choose an inexpensive to send out invitations. for example Word of mouth, e-invites or simple but elegant prints.
  10. Skip the favors. Write personal notes instead…This might even come across as thoughtful gesture rather than a cut cutting strategy!

Tips on Choosing a Wedding Date

Choosing a date may not be as simple as it sounds. In fact the date is the pillar for so many other key steps in the planning process….Meaning that you may not be able to confirm your location, Officiant, and other vendors unless you have a date. And most importantly the date also affects your budget.

Various other factors come into play when deciding on a date, however I’ll let you in on some general considerations.

Remember that childhood dream you had of your wedding? That discussion that you and your now fiancé have outlined about your wedding day? Your best friend in NY who you would must walk you down the aisle who can only get vacation in the Summer time?……… I think you’ve already begun to see where I am heading with this. The question is “What do you consider the most important thing about your wedding day?” There is no right answer. Whatever you consider should be your first consideration. Will Cherry Blossoms be available in August? I would like a beach wedding, what will the weather be like in January? If the only place you will get married is that Papillote Wilderness and Spa where you’ve spent a romantic weekend, you need to find out if the date is available before you do any other planning.

You may be lucky and wind up with your choice of dates within the time frame of the vendors etc. However I suggest that you check out the second thing on your priority list (probably it’s the photographer whom just absolutely love). Also run your dates by your family members and/or your closest friends before making a final decision.


Is a Wedding Planner Right for Me?

Though almost every bride can benefit from the help of a planner, but if you are in any of these situations you may want to consider a planner:

  1. You are having a destination Weddings: Planning a destination wedding can be overwhelming especially for busy couples and situations where you have no family and friends in the country you would like to wed.
  2. You are having a large Wedding (100 or more guests) – More people means more work
  3. The weddings is at an off-site location – This refers to any location where items such as tents and other rentals are involved. This also refers to a home wedding where you will have to adapt the home and grounds to accommodate a crowd and you may not have the knack for handling these situations.
  4. Difficult family dynamics – While in many case family and friends are willing to assist in planning, often times bride complain that they have resorted to a planner as they can’t seem to settle on much with so many different views and opinions from family and friends and in such cases the planner can serve as a neutral point person, negotiator, and mediator.
  5. Inflexible work schedule – If you can’t devote ten hours a week to planning your wedding for the first two months, five hours a week for the next few months, and ten to twenty a week for the last ten weeks before the wedding, then a planner could be a lifesaver
  6. Organizational Phobia – If organization isn’t your strong point, a planner could be a God sent.