Though almost every bride can benefit from the help of a planner, but if you are in any of these situations you may want to consider a planner:

  1. You are having a destination Weddings: Planning a destination wedding can be overwhelming especially for busy couples and situations where you have no family and friends in the country you would like to wed.
  2. You are having a large Wedding (100 or more guests) – More people means more work
  3. The weddings is at an off-site location – This refers to any location where items such as tents and other rentals are involved. This also refers to a home wedding where you will have to adapt the home and grounds to accommodate a crowd and you may not have the knack for handling these situations.
  4. Difficult family dynamics – While in many case family and friends are willing to assist in planning, often times bride complain that they have resorted to a planner as they can’t seem to settle on much with so many different views and opinions from family and friends and in such cases the planner can serve as a neutral point person, negotiator, and mediator.
  5. Inflexible work schedule – If you can’t devote ten hours a week to planning your wedding for the first two months, five hours a week for the next few months, and ten to twenty a week for the last ten weeks before the wedding, then a planner could be a lifesaver
  6. Organizational Phobia – If organization isn’t your strong point, a planner could be a God sent.