1. Trim the guest list. Your per head count is your biggest expense
  2. Choose a gorgeous setting, you’ll save on decorations
  3. Opt for a reception site that already offers chairs, tables, flatware etc. Items such as tents and other rentals add up to a substantial expense
  4. Start the wedding earlier in the day. Breakfast, Lunch, afternoon tea or heavy hors d’oeuvres cost less than dinner and earlier in the day people tend to drink less which will lower your alcohol cost
  5. Limit the alcohol offerings to wine, beer and a signature cocktail. You can also consider Sangria or a punch as a festive but cost-effective alternative to mixed drinks
  6. Have the wedding on a Sunday or maybe a day in the week. Vendors tend to lower their fees for days that are less in demand
  7. Eliminate the champagne toast. Most of the bubbly will be thrown out anyway. Have your guests toast with whatever they’re drinking.
  8. Instead of a live band, hire a DJ or simply use an IPod or maybe even a mobile phone.
  9. Choose an inexpensive to send out invitations. for example Word of mouth, e-invites or simple but elegant prints.
  10. Skip the favors. Write personal notes instead…This might even come across as thoughtful gesture rather than a cut cutting strategy!